Word of mouth is no longer enough Stefan Zangerle 13. January 2022

Word of mouth is no longer enough

Word of mouth

The year 2020 and the years thereafter have given digitization a significant boost. Numerous industries have recognized that yesterday’s recipes are no longer sufficient to attract tomorrow’s customers. It is important to be flexible and to respond directly to the wishes of your clients.

Word of mouth and referral marketing are no longer enough to attract new customers to one’s expertise. The pandemic has emphatically demonstrated that companies and their customers can handle the possibilities of digitization and appreciate its benefits. Experts believe that the technological push is here to stay.

After all, numerous areas of daily life have long since migrated to the Internet. Today, most customers are used to finding the information they need on the web. Every company can take advantage of this social upheaval. Anyone who cannot be found on the Internet today with a professional website simply no longer exists for numerous customers of tomorrow.

The first digital impression counts

Now is the right time for companies to present themselves on the Internet with the help of a modern and clear website . These digital business cards also offer freelance industries the chance to convince new customers of their worth. This requires a modern website with an appealing design that puts the expertise in the foreground.

Here, not only data and facts are required, but also the way in which information is prepared for potential customers. Just like in real life, first impressions count in the digital world. In order for the website to fit perfectly, you should also contact an expert who will work out all the points with you. I can make sure that the design, orientation, and efficiency of the homepage is just right for your business.

Clear and concise expertise

Anyone looking for a particular service on the Internet has at least certain ideas in advance. This certainly includes price/performance ratio, as well as the location, reference customers and experience in the searched subject complex. I can prepare all this for you with my experience in digital marketing.

In recent years, a completely new customer target group has grown up. Young entrepreneurs and the founders of start-ups are used to having all the necessary information quickly at hand in their daily business. They make decisions quickly and move on immediately if a website doesn’t offer all the details they need. Of course, a company in any industry can use this to its advantage.

Whereas a few years ago personal recommendations or direct contact were decisive in winning new customers, today it is websites with an appealing design and convincing content that are decisive. The first place to look when searching for a particular service or source of information is the Internet. A company’s website has become the linchpin of all marketing activities .

Design, technology and customer friendliness are essential

Not only the users of search engines or social networks end up here, but also the curious users who have clicked on a corresponding advertisement. Especially those who do not know a company yet, always get an impression on the website first. This first impression has to be right.

Who wants to “shine” with an old-fashioned page on the Internet, of all places, which never forgets? Here, just as in daily life, appearance and seriousness count. Only if you can convince with your performance and your appearance, you will be able to inspire new customers. Therefore, every company should pay the utmost attention to their website. The appearance on the Internet deserves the same care and attention as the appearance in a personal conversation.

Experts know what matters

However, relying solely on one’s own initiative would be the wrong way to go. Designing a website requires the same expertise as consulting with your most important client. Only when your website is on the cutting edge can it have the desired effect in attracting new customers.

Among the essential factors for success is, for example, a technical structure that guarantees good visibility in search engine results. The site should be easy to use, user-friendly and easy to read. This requires that it has been optimized for mobile devices, such as smartphone and tablet. After all, the percentage of those customers who make their purchasing decisions on their smartphones continues to rise rapidly. A clear navigation tells your potential customer at a glance what to expect on your website. Digitally affine companies also convey their progressiveness via their Internet presence and give their customers the opportunity to make an appointment quickly and online.

This is where it is decided whether you succeed in arousing the interest of potential customers or not. If users find a poorly designed page with no information, they will turn away. Of course, then in consequence are no longer available as customers. That would be a shame, after all, they have already shown interest in your services or products, and were put off by an unprofessional Internet presence. This must be prevented.

To make such a project a success, it is advisable to turn to someone with experience and know-how. You wouldn’t make a business card yourself. And so I can offer you to design your website in such a way that interested readers will find the expertise they are looking for.

Courageously into a new era

Entrepreneurs who courageously accept the challenges of our digitalized times now have the chance to properly adapt to the customers of the future. Your professionally designed website guarantees you appropriate digital visibility and at the same time serves as a quick reference tool for existing customers.

After all, it’s no secret that companies can acquire numerous orders from existing customers. But even regular customers are not always familiar with all, complete services. A professional website that presents all services clearly and transparently can be the decisive ace up your sleeve in the competition for additional orders.

Surely you have innovative services that can help your customers to further optimize a certain form. But what good are these offers if no one knows them in detail?

A modernly designed and informative website ensures that prospective and existing customers find exactly what they are looking for. It guarantees a long-term digital foundation on which your company can inspire and retain new customer groups. The investment in a new and modern website is worth it.

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