Website positioning: How to position yourself as an expert Stefan Zangerle 11. January 2022

Website positioning: How to position yourself as an expert

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How can you position yourself with your website? I’ll show you how you can cement your reputation as an expert with the right website positioning.

Our world is full of influencers. Never before have so many people been looking for the right information or the right product. The Internet has ensured that the term “swarm intelligence” has taken on a completely new meaning. This development offers a great opportunity for every company, in every industry. You can use the expertise of swarm intelligence to position yourself online as an expert on specialist topics.

After all, you have all the requirements for it. You are an expert in your field, you train yourself regularly and you are used to preparing your topics in such a way that your customers understand the details. This means that you are almost automatically qualified to share your knowledge and let your customers participate. If you are working on your digital reputation, you have a good chance of getting numerous new customers excited about you via this detour.

Tool website

The right tool for implementing this strategy is your own website. Positioning begins with the right website. This should be modern and clearly structured. Depending on the positioning of your company, the page should be geared towards your respective target group.

Start-up entrepreneurs tend to expect an innovative and modern design . Large corporations place greater value on a design that emphasizes the seriousness and competence of the company. Your portrait photos should be shot by a professional. That conveys credibility and is appropriate to the purpose. In addition, it is important to use the right design elements when designing your website. After all, the first impression is also decisive here.

Highlight competencies

The reader of your website should immediately recognize what your core competency is. For this it is necessary to emphasize your unique selling point. Using this Unique Selling Point, potential customers can immediately see where you can support them. The implementation of a modern and target group-oriented homepage is not that difficult.

After all, that’s exactly what your expert specializes in. He knows exactly your needs and those of your customer segment. In precisely coordinated cooperation with you, he can create the basis for you to position yourself and your company as an expert with the help of your website .

Share knowledge and win customers

Those who pass on their knowledge have the great opportunity to position themselves as the first point of contact for specialist issues. This not only applies to existing and future customers, but also to media and social media. The goal of this is clear. By positioning yourself as an expert, you make it clear: I understand something about my job and I am happy to share my knowledge.

The form of self -marketing brings numerous advantages for every industry, no matter what service you offer. This is how you can effectively win customers. Anyone who exposes themselves as an expert in their field can stand out from the broad masses of the competition. The more precisely an expert works out what he stands for and what his expertise includes, the easier it will be for him to win new customers. If you appear in public as an expert on a certain topic, it is immediately clear where your expertise lies.

Of course, this self-marketing only works if quality and price are in line with it. However, it is precisely the quality that potential customers cannot always test in advance. After all, some services are not tangible products. Positioning as an expert will help you ventilate the ceiling a little. Interested parties get to know your company and see how you approach problems. Of course, this has a very positive effect on decision-making.

Self-marketing is work with passion

But one thing is clear from the start. Self-marketing is a lot of work. But if you represent your expertise with real passion, it is also associated with a lot of joy, which will also motivate and drive you even further. Your positioning as an expert will inspire customer acquisition, your inner spark will, so to speak, jump over. Here, not only individual customers, but entire groups of them are addressed at the same time. Both the company and you as a person are perceived and made public on a larger scale. So this is time well invested.

Website Positioning: How To Show That You Are An Expert

However, this investment needs to be well prepared. The point here is not to annoy your audience with advertising messages, but to highlight their core competencies. The addressees should recognize that you are an expert in your field and that an assignment offers real added value. Only then does this strategy work.

Produce and share exciting content

Your own website is the ideal platform for regularly publishing specialist articles on current topics. These should be easy to read not only for specialist colleagues, but above all for a broad audience. If you have problems with the formulation, you are welcome to fall back on the help of professional editors. You have the necessary experience to formulate texts attractively. The texts must be of high quality and unique.

Multimedia content enhances the articles. These can be videos, as well as graphics, or audio files. Experience has shown that this content generates the most attention. Publishing on YouTube attracts new audiences. Tutorials or analyzes of current topics give viewers an idea of what you are capable of. Video content is very popular on social networks like Facebook and Twitter and is widely shared. This creates an audience network as if by magic.

Use social networks as a multiplier

Every entrepreneur should actively use this opportunity. The networks offer the chance to position yourself as an expert. If you regularly share and comment on not only your own but also interesting third-party contributions, you will be perceived as an independent authority. Here you should not only use the social networks, but also the business networks such as LinkedIn and Xing, regularly. You will find numerous colleagues who will certainly appreciate a well-founded guest post on their own page.

Podcasts have become a real hit in the last few years. They give an entrepreneur the opportunity to deal intensively and in detail with a topic. Publishing on streaming platforms like Spotify, iTunes and Deezer will find its audience.

Of course, it is important to include appropriate contact information for any type of publication. Ultimately, potential customers should have the opportunity to inquire or place orders.

Online seminars open the door to the client

The so-called webinars are a continuation of this strategy. These online seminars via video conferencing software give customers the opportunity to find out details about your specific topics and to ask them if necessary. In this way you convey useful knowledge and position yourself as an expert in the eyes of the public. This service will be appreciated not only by existing customers, but also by potential clients. In this way you can interest and win new customer groups.

A regular newsletter informs the subscribers on the website about all news. It is a good tool to inform clients and interested parties about your own expertise and to offer added value in the form of new information. Here you should offer free tips and interesting links.

Perseverance pays off

Positioning as an expert basically requires a lot of perseverance. It takes time to establish yourself and your expertise. But this form of self-marketing has a long-term effect.

Customers and those who are yet to become one can see that you, as an expert, are ready to share your knowledge and that an assignment offers them real added value. With all these measures, your own website becomes the central basis for interested parties, existing customers and the media. When these target groups have recognized the expertise, the goal has been achieved.

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