The first office of your own – what do you have to consider? Stefan Zangerle 11. January 2022

The first office of your own – what do you have to consider?


PAID AD. Having your own office is a first major milestone in the development of a company. If the founders previously worked from home, from the garage or in the overcrowded co-working space, suddenly all possibilities for development are open in their own office. In this time of euphoria, however, expensive wrong decisions can quickly be made. So what do you have to consider when setting up your first office for founders?

The hidden costs

Founders often underestimate the many individual costs that arise in connection with their own office. Rent accounts for the largest share of these costs, but there are many hidden costs that founders do not initially think about. These are, for example, costs for: furniture, office equipment, devices, internet, telephone, electricity, heating, access solutions, cleaning, repairs and much more.

If these costs are not taken into account in the calculation for the new office, the first office of your own can quickly blow the budget, which is already limited in startups. Therefore, as a founder, you should definitely keep the hidden costs in mind before signing the rental agreement.

The office equipment

The everyday life of a founder is long and filled with many tasks. You will therefore probably spend more time in your own office than at home. You should make sure that you create a pleasant working atmosphere and have an ergonomic workplace. This not only allows you to work more productively, but also takes care of your health at the same time.

Choosing the right office equipment and purchasing ergonomic office chairs are therefore important decisions for your own office and should be taken into account when planning your first office. In the Gaerner online shop you will find numerous offers for every budget!

Enough space

For many founders, having their own office is also their first major investment. It is therefore important that the office also offers sufficient space for the founding team, employees and possible new hires. Nobody wants to have to work closely together and at least 5-10 m² per head should be taken into account.

Depending on the type of business, it can also make sense to reserve a dedicated room for meetings or customer appointments. Because nothing is more annoying than when there are no options in your own office and meetings have to be held in the kitchen or even at the workplace. From the customer’s point of view, this makes an unprofessional impression and disrupts the productivity of employees.

Commitments and notice periods

Young companies are very fast-paced and requirements can change quickly. It often happens that the office covers all requirements at the status quo, but is soon too small or too expensive or the location is simply no longer suitable.

Founders should take this fact into account and negotiate the shortest possible binding period or notice period with the landlord. This ensures that there are no double burdens due to the commitment in times of growth and that the office does not “eat up” a significant part of the cash flow in times of crisis.


The first office is a big step forward in the growth of your own company. If you pay attention to the hidden costs and negotiate short commitment and notice periods, a founder does not expect any financial surprises. In addition, the right office equipment, an ergonomic workplace and sufficient office space can increase productivity in the office and ensure that your own company continues to grow.