The advantages of a WordPress website Stefan Zangerle 11. January 2022

The advantages of a WordPress website

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What are the advantages of a WordPress website? Why is WordPress the Right Choice for Your Business Website?

Numerous areas of the economy have come under pressure as a result of the rapid pace of digitization. This applies to all types of companies, whether they are start-ups or established companies. It is important for you in the future to offer your potential customers a modern digital business card. Only those who convince with a professional website will be visible to a new and young generation of customers or contractual partners. Not only information, but also contact options and innovative product ideas should be presented in an appealing design. But this challenge is not a task that you should do yourself on the side.

In numerous areas of the economy, the success of your own homepage is only guaranteed if companies use an expert. A digital marketing professional has sufficient experience to meet the specific requirements of your company. After all, a website is much more than just the digital face of the company to the outside world.

WordPress is quick and easy

Today the company website is the focus of countless marketing activities. Therefore it has to be changed on a daily basis. To do this, the specialists use a so-called content management system. This guarantees quick and easy maintenance of the homepage. Updates and changes are child’s play. In this way, the experts ensure that the website can be kept up to date with the simplest means. But content management systems are a dime a dozen. So what sets WordPress apart from its competitors?

WordPress: tried and tested a million times

The content management system WordPress is partly responsible for the fact that websites have spread rapidly around the world. The software has made the creation and maintenance of digital business cards practicable even for inexperienced users. This advantage should not only be used by up-and-coming, young companies or small businesses, but of course also by the internationally established company, regardless of the branch in which it operates.

After all, WordPress already has a global market share of 40 percent of all websites. For those pages that are operated with the help of a content management system, the former blog software has secured a share of 64 percent. These numbers speak for themselves. WordPress has taken the internet by storm since its inception in 2003. While the competing products stagnated or even lose market share, WordPress continues to grow unchecked.

The market has long since made a decision here. WordPress is the ideal content management system for creating and changing websites. This is also clearly demonstrated by the distance to the closest competitors. WordPress now runs on more than ten times as many homepages as the two toughest competitors. Together, these only have a market share of a little more than five percent.

WordPress is free and unlimited

The reasons for this overwhelming success are easy to explain. WordPress is free, almost limitlessly expandable and clearly laid out. Almost any form of website can be implemented with this system. It is important for every company to work quickly and efficiently according to clear guidelines. This access to the world of work is optimally mapped in WordPress.

The source code of the program is freely accessible. The system is regularly supplied with updates and has an almost infinite number of plug-ins. These enable the implementation of almost any form of website. As if that weren’t enough, the installation can be carried out quickly and inexpensively at a provider. With WordPress, any type of company or organization can quickly lay the technical basis for their new homepage.

The costs are easy to calculate

On this basis, a digital agency can implement the ideas for a modern and clearly structured homepage. The costs for this are manageable and easy to calculate. After all, experienced experts have been working with WordPress for many years. Above all, they capture the needs of your company precisely because they specialize in your customer base.

This saves you money because your expert knows the industry. He knows exactly how to implement the services as professionally and visually appealing as possible so that you can win new clients and orders. WordPress is the ideal tool for this. It offers many advantages not only for the designer of a visually appealing website, but also for its users.

Clear operation, simple application

The operation is clearly structured. The elements are always in the same place and make navigating both on the website and in the content management system a pleasure. But the big advantage of WordPress is its limitless design possibilities.

The system allows you to switch quickly between a wide variety of design templates. This is done with a click of the mouse. The so-called themes that WordPress works with are responsible for this. These design templates make it possible to fundamentally change the appearance of websites without having to rebuild the structure each time. The existing content will be retained and will only be adapted in the course of fine-tuning.

All of this can be tackled by a professional design agency for your business. There are hardly any limits to the design options. Whether simple presentations or complex systems, everything is possible here. The costs are always within reasonable limits and are always easy to calculate for your needs.

WordPress makes the websites visible

But that’s not all. After all, you and your company always have customer acquisition in mind. A modern and clear homepage should help. But what use is a great homepage if nobody can find it on the Internet? WordPress also has a good solution for this. The content management system already thinks about the so-called search engine optimization .

The competition never sleeps. Countless companies are fighting for attention on the Internet. In order for search engines like Google to display the company’s website as close to the front of the search results as possible, a modern homepage must meet the requirements that Google places on webmasters. WordPress offers its users numerous possibilities to align the structure and the texts according to these guidelines. This makes it much easier to position a company website in Google. Professional digital agencies know the advantages of WordPress and use them to the advantage of their customers in their specific industry.

WordPress’ extensive ecosystem has proven ideal for businesses of all types for many years. Above all, however, companies that do not have their own IT department can use this content management system to import updates and make changes quickly and easily. The expensive and time-consuming commissioning of programming work is completely eliminated. The modular extensions guarantee the highest possible flexibility. Smaller companies, the self-employed, one-person GmbH, in every imaginable industry, can operate their own blog with WordPress and integrate the registration for their own newsletter. In this way, the company website becomes the central marketing tool for your own and new customers.

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