Social Media Strategy for Businesses Stefan Zangerle 12. January 2022

Social Media Strategy for Businesses

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What is a good social media strategy for businesses? What does a social media strategy need to include? How can you use social media?

Social media has become a global phenomenon. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the like no longer leave anyone cold. The figures of the Internet giants are impressive. As expected, Facebook tops the charts with more than 2.7 billion users worldwide. YouTube follows in the next places with around 2.3 billion users, ahead of WhatsApp with around 2 billion users. This picture also roughly corresponds to the figures in German-speaking countries. There, more than 80 percent of social media fans regularly use Facebook. The proportion of users with a high level of education is already more than 50 percent. The average daily length of stay is already approaching 90 minutes.

Quality feature knowledge and seriousness

These statistics prove that social media is anything but hype. They have long since found their place in the middle of society. Their importance to the economy continues to grow rapidly. This can be clearly seen in numerous trends, such as digital recruiting or booked advertising space. Therefore, the time has come for any business or organization to increasingly use social media for their purposes.

After all, expertise is an essential quality feature on the Internet. This applies not only to the success of websites, but also to the ranking in search engines and social networks. If you impress with your knowledge and open communication, you too can be at the forefront of the digital world. You, too, with your business, can earn your place in the global landscape of social media.

Social media strategy for business: Using your own expertise

After all, expertise, reliability and trust are not just buzzwords in every conceivable industry, but daily business. With the experience you make visible and the matching knowledge you impart, the Internet is a valuable tool with almost infinite possibilities. However, you need a suitable social media strategy in advance. This provides massive support for topics such as the acquisition of new customers, customer retention and recruiting, and ensures the long-term success of your company.

However, not every social network is suitable for your field of activity, even though there are often overlaps. It is therefore important to carefully consider which instrument you want to focus on for your purposes. Finding new employees, for example, requires a different social network than marketing an event.

Focus on a few social media

Choosing the right medium, tailored to your company’s target group and core competencies, is what brings success. For you as an entrepreneur, it therefore makes sense not to dance at too many weddings at the same time. Your digital expert advises to use one to a maximum of two of these channels.

Thus, the search for employees on a professional social media network such as LinkedIn or XING, is self-evidently more likely to be crowned with success. However, in order for the employees sought to show interest, this channel must be regularly used in an attractive manner. This means that an employee who is willing to switch can find all the information they are looking for on the company’s site. If you regularly share your knowledge here and have earned the status of a recognized expert on specialized topics, you will literally attract the best employees of tomorrow. These business networks are also great for networking and getting information.

Address problems and present solutions

The social media platform Facebook, on the other hand, is perfect for demonstrating your expertise to a broad readership and for entertaining them. This is where the behind-the-scenes look is perfectly placed. If you take up current topics on Facebook and present solutions to the reader, sooner or later traditional media will also approach you and ask for your assessment of the situation on specialist topics.

This can also be observed well on Twitter, for example. Those who convince with knowledge, seriousness and discussion culture attract attention. In an age dominated by Fake News, substantive, informed expertise is in demand as never before.

With competence and emotionality to digital reputation

The current economic crisis proves that the demand for competent advice on every conceivable topic is greater than ever before. Whether it’s mental or physical health, you’re a tax accountant or a lawyer, an interior designer or a dog trainer, or you run an online store, anyone, without exception, can build a digital, as well as real, reputation with the right social media strategy.

This subsequently helps not only in the acquisition of new customers, but also in the search for qualified employees. The increased attention will turn your company into a quality brand that anyone with a need for your service will be happy to refer to. For this process to work, it is important to rely not only on expertise, but also on emotionality. While the content topics should specialize mainly in niches, the presentation focuses on people.

Videos move people

You can achieve this with videos, for example. They can not only introduce your company, but also give a surprising look behind the scenes in an image video. In doing so, you, and in the given case your employees, come to the fore. Videos realistically illustrate how you or your team actually work, how your business supports your customers.

Videos can elaborate in a few minutes who is acting and what makes you stand out. In doing so, it is important to highlight the core competencies. This turns your anonymous workspace into a very real, tangible environment. Your very specific way of serving or advising people, how your products are made, or even before and after testimonials have a valuable place here. You can go one step further with content videos. These provide free assistance on specific topics, for example: How do I teach my dog to recall, how do I work an antique wooden panel, or what options are available if someone has problems with their landlord. The possibilities are endless for any field of activity, diverse, can also be designed with humor or just your special personality. This gives you the perfect opportunity to present yourself as a problem solver.

Success comes to those who seek and find new topics. Under no circumstances should you jump on a bandwagon and produce the hundredth video on a well-known topic. If you regularly prepare new and exciting content, you will be able to retain your users and gain a big image boost for yourself. This form of video content is particularly in demand and is readily shared. Thus, contemporary entrepreneurs rely on the fact that viewers recognize the competence and subsequently place orders.

Stay consistent

Marketing via social media offers extensive opportunities, for any industry, to find new customers and further retain existing clientele. It is an excellent complement to other marketing activities. But a successful social media strategy for companies needs to be planned. It stands and falls with the consistent, professional use of the selected channels. Only topicality guarantees the attention of the target group, and lets the digital reputation of your company grow continuously.

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