What makes a modern website? Stefan Zangerle 13. January 2022

What makes a modern website?

Modern website

What makes a modern website? What are components of a modern website? How can you make your website work for you?

Your homepage is a central, essential part of your marketing. It serves not only as a digital business card for potential customers, but also as a reference work for existing clientele. However, in order for your website to serve this purpose, it must meet some specifications. After all, the ultimate goal is to convey seriousness and competence. Accordingly, your website must radiate and support this image.

I pay special attention to websites acting as a reflection of my clients. That image that you want to convey in public, I also use in the design on the web. This already starts with a modern design. This implements a clear and concise page structure so that visitors feel “picked up”. A modern design language offers your potential customer a digital home where they can find what they are looking for with just a few clicks.

Modern website: Design and expertise convince

Because a successful website convinces not only with appearance, but also with being. After all, your company thrives on your expertise and your persuasiveness. Implementing these visually and in terms of content is the challenge for me. My job is to prepare your expertise in terms of content, organization and appearance in such a way that your potential customers are happy to turn to you.

Here, not only seriousness and expertise, but also the presentation of your unique selling points must be convincing. To be able to guarantee this, I need to know the industry and its challenges in detail.

I have been able to gain a lot of experience in working with a wide variety of industries, so I don’t need a lot of training time. I know exactly the wishes and requirements of my customers in their respective fields of activity. Just as you are “at home” in your domain, I have also acquired this broad set-up, which is necessary to be able to get directly into matter with you. This way you save money and time. The implementation of your modern website can begin immediately. I’ll guide you safely through the digital marketing world, which is changing so rapidly that “state of the art” means, above all, flexibility and the ability to react, comprehend and implement quickly in order to stay relevant.

From “mobile first” to “mobile only

The buzzword “mobile first” already indicates the direction things have been heading for years. The triumphant advance of smartphones has also had a lasting impact on and changed the Internet. Experts are already going so far as to declare “mobile first” obsolete. The new designation should actually already be “mobile only”. That’s how dramatically usage has changed on the Internet. This is also supported by the statistics.

For example, the number of mobile Internet users has risen from 54 percent to more than 80 percent since 2015. In 2018, internet usage on smartphones surpassed that on desktops for the first time. These figures impressively underpin the necessity of optimizing websites for display on mobile devices. After all, these do not only affect smartphones, but also tablets. Companies must also take this trend into account when designing their homepages.

After all, a new generation with digital affinity has long been growing up. The latter is used to making their search queries via a variety of mobile devices at any time of the day or night. Startup owners want fast and reliable results. The expertise they are looking for must be clearly presented. A clear structure therefore ensures that potential customers can quickly find their way around. This way they can get a first impression about your company.

Fast and informal contact options

Once this first hurdle has been overcome, interested parties can contact you quickly and easily. The Internet generation is used to reaching its partners on all possible digital channels. For this to happen, however, they must not only exist, but also be prominently integrated on the website. In my work, I take great care to ensure that the contact options not only function without complaint, but also guide my customers to respond quickly and competently to inquiries via the homepage.

This is the only way to convince future customers of your competence and seriousness. After all, the user is already convinced of you at this point. He is looking for support and expects quick answers. This must be exploited.

In order for this process to work without complaint, it is important that visitors to the website find a wide selection of contact options to choose from. Already during the design phase, I make sure that the homepage picks up the user where he feels most comfortable. This also includes setting the entry threshold as low as possible. Being able to contact you quickly and informally is undoubtedly one of them.

How to find the new website?

Search engine optimization has been a big topic on the web not just since yesterday. Competition is fierce in any industry. Whose page can be found at the top of the Google search results for search terms such as “find a tax consultant” or “physiotherapist” is ahead of the game when it comes to attracting new customers. Therefore, a new website must take into account numerous issues right from the design stage.

These decide after completion whether the page meets those requirements that Google places on webmasters. This technical and content design is a basic requirement for a prominent placement in the search results. After all, a tremendous number of websites vie to be displayed on the first page of Google.

Search engine optimization ensures sales

This does not happen by chance, but is the result of a clear strategy and extensive preliminary work. Only with a professional search engine optimization, as I can offer you, for example, is it ensured that your website achieves the ranking that is crucial for customer acquisition.

If your own homepage is at the top of the list for prominent search terms, you have a great competitive advantage. Therefore, it is essential to take this into account already when designing your website. I specialize in finding out the most desirable search terms. These are very likely to guarantee customer deals and are therefore hotly contested.

With a professional design of your homepage, potential customers will quickly and easily find the website they are looking for. They benefit just as much from a modern website as you do as an entrepreneur. You make optimal use of digital possibilities to inspire new customer groups for your expertise and your offers.

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