Is my website bad? What can I do? Stefan Zangerle 13. January 2022

Is my website bad? What can I do?

Is my website bad

Is my website bad? What can I do about a bad website? I’ll show you how to turn a bad page into a good one.

The Internet has significantly changed the way customers search for services and products. Today, the rapid availability of information has become a crucial competitive advantage for any company. But it is not enough to be represented on the Internet with a website. On the contrary, a bad website automatically casts a bad light on the company in question.

After all, no serious businessman would face his customers in old and worn-out clothes. An appropriate, well-groomed appearance is quite simply a must in any industry. It commands respect from the customer and shows that their concerns are taken seriously. This respect has long been demanded by the digital world as well. Unfortunately, many entrepreneurs are not always aware of this aspect. One’s own homepage has long since assumed the status of a digital business card. It represents the face of your company to the outside world.

Numerous stumbling blocks await

Accordingly, the website must be carefully planned and designed. Any negative aspect that catches a user’s eye while browsing will automatically reflect on your company. As the operator of the website, from the users’ point of view, you are responsible for any bad experience. This is an outcome that must be avoided at all costs in the design. There are no end of potential problem areas. I know these pitfalls, and already make sure to avoid them when building your website. The following serious errors drive away customers or users immediately:

  • Antiquated design
  • Confusing navigation
  • Meaningless texts
  • Positioning is not clearly recognizable
  • Unsatisfactory user experience
  • No specific calls to action
  • Hidden or missing contact options
  • Obsolete technology
  • Not optimized for mobile devices

These points ensure that many searchers still come across websites on the net that they can’t do anything with. Not everyone can perfectly handle the possibilities offered by a search engine like Google. Bad websites repel and prevent contact.

The quality is measurable

Anyone who dares to take the step into the digital world must first earn trust. This is just as true in real life as it is on the Internet. A modern design creates trust and invites the reader to stay on your website. The design should be functional and purposeful. The success of this approach is reflected in the long dwell time and low bounce rate. Both values can be measured and provide information about whether the visual implementation of the content is successful or not.

Structure and navigation create order

The navigation of your website should be limited to the most important points. The goal must be reached in just a few clicks. Bad websites pack too much content and trivialities into too many menu items, which to make matters worse are also arranged in a criss-cross fashion. In any case, the navigation should not exceed six points.

If this is designed in a clear and structured way, it will also lead to a satisfying user experience. Non-significant texts certainly do not contribute to this, as well as the lack of positioning of the website. This should convey to the reader at first glance where its benefits lie. This focus requires experience.

The view from outside helps

Entrepreneurs who get too close to the issues risk losing sight of the essentials. This also speaks in favor of hiring an external professional, such as myself, to create the website. I can then take your customer’s perspective as a corrective to ensure that an ideal user experience can be achieved.

High-quality websites are defined by high-quality texts. The future customer should quickly see where your company’s competencies lie and how you can help them support their request. Anyone looking for help on the web needs added value. Professionals can achieve this with qualitative texts, videos or graphics.

Make customers curious

At the end of the day, it’s success that counts. This is measured in the acquisition of new customers via the website. If you run a homepage but are hardly ever contacted about it, you can draw the conclusion without a doubt that the site has a problem. The Internet is full of zombie websites. These exist, but serve no further purpose beyond that. This is a pity, after all a good homepage offers the possibility to steer interested readers in the right direction.

For this to work, the page needs call-to-actions. These are strategically placed buttons designed to prompt the reader to take action. On your website, for example, this would be the contact or the possibility to request a quote. This allows companies to respond to the wishes of potential customers and land the order.

With simple and effective designs, these arouse the user’s interest. The text arouses curiosity and triggers the call-to-action. These calls to action are a key success factor in designing a modern and effective homepage.

Do you want to be invisible?

Bad websites do not bring business success. They are not only rejected by users, but also by Google. The search engine giant has clear ideas about what a websitemust look like today. If this does not comply with the specifications, then Google immediately penalizes this disregard.

As a result, bad homepages disappear into the vastness of the Internet. Google continues to display them in principle, but for attractive search terms, the group ranks them at the very back. This means that a user searching for a specific industry will no longer see that page displayed where they can actually find it. After all, the best website is of no use if, for example, it appears on position 586 of the search results.

If you want to be found on the Internet, you need to aim for the first page of Google search results. However, this requires a modern and technically savvy homepage. Google examines and evaluates websites according to countless criteria. These include, for example, design, technology and the quality of the content. If your website no longer meets these specifications, it is bad and becomes invisible on the web.

A criterion that is often underestimated is the optimization of the website for mobile devices. The search behavior of users has changed fundamentally in recent years. Today, the majority of customers conduct their searches on their smartphones. Accordingly, your website absolutely must be optimized for mobile devices.

Leave the bad website behind

But all of these challenges can be overcome. I can go around these cliffs with you. I design your homepage so that it is not only interesting for your customers, but also for Google. The number of new orders amortizes the investment in your new homepage within a very short time.

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