Why your business needs a fast website Stefan Zangerle 13. January 2022

Why your business needs a fast website

Google PageSpeed Insight: Score 99

Why you need a fast website for your business and why pagespeed and search engine optimization is so important.

Today’s business life is characterized by high speed. This also affects your business. Customers have less and less time to deal intensively with topics, so get help from experts. This pressure is also noticeable in the loading time of web pages. But here it has concrete implications. Users who have to wait too long for a homepage to load lose patience and bounce.

At the same time, a slow website causes big problems in Google rankings. The search engine giant has long recognized the need for a professional homepage that builds quickly and punishes the slow. These companies then usually find that their homepage has been ranked way down in the Google search results.

Tempo signals professionalism

Therefore, a fast website has become a must for every business. It is an expression of seriousness and professionalism. These are precisely the characteristics that motivate customers to actually sign a contract.

A website always acts as a business card of the company, so you should put emphasis on a fast company website. Finally, speed is another essential building block in the foundation of success on the Internet. This also includes a modern design and high-quality content.

What is fast?

Every user perceives speed differently. But usage behavior has long been researched. Studies show that mobile users give up after three seconds at most. This period of time is perceived as just about acceptable. This means that the bounce rate increases more and more as the loading time continues. This is how companies lose potential customers, and thus sales. However, this does not have to be the case.

Analyze and repair

I offer you with my expertise to take a close look at your website. I identify those inhibitions that are responsible for slow loading and remove them. This is how I make sure your future clients can quickly access the information they are looking for.

Ignoring this problem can have dramatic economic consequences. After all, a slow load time will cause your users to leave the website immediately and rarely return. Instead, they prefer to visit your competitor’s site. The so-called bounce rate of a website provides information about whether and which problems prevail. The longer a page loads on the web, the fewer visitors it can attract.

Slow competitor websites are a great opportunity. They can ensure you an edge over your competitors, and thus you can generate numerous new customers. How well or how poorly your own website actually performs, you can find out very quickly yourself.

How to test the speed yourself

Google offers a free tool with its PageSpeed Insights service, with which you can find out the speed of your homepage yourself. Page loading performance is measured in numerous areas, and the result is available in a few seconds.

My website’s Google PageSpeed Insights Score

If you reach a value from 0 to 39, you have a big problem with the loading time. A value between 50 and 89 is basically okay, but still offers plenty of room for improvement. Websites that reach a value of 90 to 100 are optimal from Google’s point of view. They guarantee the fastest possible loading time and are therefore ideal for the visitor.

However, it is important that the test is not only carried out for the start page. Every subpage of the website should be fast and optimized. However, entering the URLs of all subpages individually can be quite tedious and time-consuming with PageSpeed’s Insights Tool. The PageSpeed Tool from experte.de helps here. It immediately determines all scores for all subpages of the website.

The Bulk PageSpeed Test – all scores of my website at a glance

My SEO performance guarantees scores of over 95 after optimization for mobile devices and desktop. This fast loading time is an important criterion for Google when it comes to ranking in the search results.

Google appreciates fast pages

If your website loads quickly, it will help draw attention to you. This applies not only to future customers, but above all to Google. The loading time is considered one of the criteria used by the search engine giant to decide whether to place a website further in front or further behind in its search results. This ranking determines your visibility on the Internet at the end of the day.

Finally, a placement on the first page for the respective interesting search terms is crucial. Only if you find your place here do you actually exist on the web. After all, reality is brutal. Research shows that 99 percent of all clicks are on a page one search result from Google. It does not matter whether the user is using a smartphone or a desktop.

The rest disappears into digital nirvana, so to speak. This already sets the goal of your website. Every criterion that decides the placement in the search results is important for the design of your homepage. Many search engine optimizers like to forget that not only the right keywords are crucial for this. Google is constantly examining the web and its pages.

If this check takes too long, then this is noted negatively. As if that were not enough, too few pages are indexed in the short period of time. Your website may not achieve sufficient visibility and will be ranked lower by Google as a result. Therefore, a fast website is inevitable for a good ranking in search results.

Fast websites make for satisfied customers

Long waiting times when building a website frustrate and annoy potential customers. As soon as they get the feeling that it’s no longer worth waiting, they jump off and surf to your competitor’s site. This is especially true for users who use a smartphone.

Courageous companies gain a competitive advantage, and rely on fast websites. They do not keep their customers of tomorrow waiting, but quickly give them what they are looking for. People who surf the Internet consider fast loading time as a quality factor. And quality is ultimately what you want to offer your customers.

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