Email Marketing: An Overview Stefan Zangerle 11. January 2022

Email Marketing: An Overview

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What is Email Marketing? How can your company use email marketing? And why email marketing can be a real gold mine.

Data are considered the gold of the 21st century. Anyone who knows what happens in the background of large Internet corporations knows that today we pay for the numerous free offers on the Internet with the disclosure of our data and preferences. This information is actually as valuable as gold to Google, Amazon and Co. They enable these corporations to respond to the wishes and needs of their customers and to tailor their offers accordingly.

Email marketing: low effort and high efficiency

Every company can also use the data of its customers to retain existing clients and at the same time to find new customers. While direct communication apparently only takes place via instant messenger services such as WhatsApp, the enthusiasm for e-mail marketing is still unbroken. It is the easiest method to address many clients and those who want to become one without too much effort directly and provide them with information. Email campaigns should therefore be an indispensable part of your marketing strategy .

They are ideal for promoting your particular performance or for disseminating very targeted information. In this way, your company creates a direct connection to your customers and you give them the feeling of accompanying them in difficult times, or of impressing them with a completely new service. Your email campaign is a good way to inform you about news and changes.

Success factor mailing list

Therefore, the first thing to do is to build a comprehensive mailing list. It is important to comply with the strict data protection laws. E-mail addresses may only be collected from people who have given their prior express consent. At the same time, the addressees must be given the opportunity to unsubscribe from the mailing list at any time.

It is therefore advisable for your company to inform your customers accordingly and to obtain written consent for the use of their e-mail addresses. For new customers, it is advisable to integrate this approval as part of the workflow at the beginning of the collaboration. But that alone does not mean much. If you want to build a new customer base, you have to prove your expertise beforehand.

Awareness creates attention and interest

This can happen not only via your own website , but also increasingly via traditional media, recruiting fairs and social media. Those who convince with free tips and assistance will develop a good reputation. The option to subscribe to a newsletter, integrated on the website, Facebook or LinkedIn page, creates a steadily growing audience. This shows interest in the company’s expertise and can therefore be approached for orders.

Generate new groups of customers with email marketing

So that as many interested parties as possible are regularly interested in your company or organization, it is necessary to constantly work on building your own brand. The step into the public pays off, because if you can refer to a high level of awareness in your specific area, you will also be able to look forward to high numbers of visitors to your site. These visitors are a good basis that you can get excited about your expertise with an appealing registration form for the newsletter.

Once these are part of the mailing list, it is now up to interesting and current topics to bind this audience to you and win them over as your clients. Because only then does the potential clientele recognize the added value of the newsletter and see an advantage in commissioning your company, and not someone else. The time that your company puts into preparing the content is well invested. In this way you not only win new customers, but also work on your image as an expert on detailed issues.

Inform and activate existing customers

However, email campaigns are not only suitable for new, but also for your existing customers. These want to be looked after as well as new prospects. After all, there is tough competition in every industry. Customers generally like regular and comprehensive communication.

The aim of these campaigns is to bind, reactivate or motivate existing customers to your company. After all, this target group already knows the power of your offers. In many industries, new services are offered at regular intervals. A newsletter is therefore the ideal tool to present this and to make it attractive to the existing customer. Offers should be all the more attractive the longer the customer has been inactive in the past. At the same time, the email campaign is ideally suited to rewarding a customer base with a benefit.

The feedback you receive in this way through your email campaigns is the starting point for further fine-tuning. Your clientele will feel valued and recognize the value of direct communication with your company.

The design follows strict guidelines

When designing the newsletter, there are a number of important factors that are decisive for success. These are among others:

  • The personal address
  • A pitch that speaks the language of your target audience
  • Incentives that, depending on the customer group, lead to an assignment
  • The right time to send
  • The correct time intervals between the individual mails
  • The responsive design that ensures display on smartphones and tablets
  • A design that excludes classification as spam
  • The opportunity for feedback

After sending, measuring success is essential for further optimizing your email campaign. Open and click rates give you an idea of how successful your newsletter was. Further adaptations depend on these key figures.

Looking for tailor-made solutions

The tools for building e-mail campaigns are easy to find. The market offers numerous professional newsletter tools . In any case, the software should perfectly match the requirements of your company. The prices are based on the volume shipped. With an extensive mail list and a modern design, as well as interesting content, nothing stands in the way of starting your email campaign.