Book Review “Marketing with a Plan Stefan Zangerle 3. February 2022

Book Review “Marketing with a Plan


Today I would like to introduce you to the book “Marketing mit Plan” by German entrepreneur and marketing expert Sebastian Lugert. The book is designed to show entrepreneurs in 10 simple steps how to create a successful marketing concept that can increase sales in the long term. The author reports on his personal experience as an entrepreneur and uses easy-to-understand examples to explain how the concept can be implemented in practice.

Summary of content

Marketing with a Plan was published in 2020, comprises 191 pages and is essentially divided into 3 major chapters. The first part provides marketing basics and offers newcomers a good start into the complex world of marketing. Not only will (sales) psychological approaches be presented, but the generally applicable rules and principles of marketing will also be briefly discussed.

In the second part of the book, there is no faffing about and it is described directly which individual measures and strategies are essential for a successful marketing concept. In doing so, the author explains what needs to be done in order to better understand the target group of one’s own company, to sharpen one’s offer and USPs and thus, in the end, to win new customers as well as to increase one’s sales. All of this is also illustrated in an understandable way using the fictitious practical example of a Swiss stone pine carpenter’s workshop.

The third chapter is all about implementing the previously created plan. In doing so, Lugert emphasizes that a concept alone is worth nothing if it is not also implemented and also provides some helpful tips on how to apply what has been learned as quickly as possible.

Book Review

Marketing with a Plan is a book worth reading that gives newcomers and entrepreneurs who want to delve deeper into marketing a good first guide. The basics are explained very well and as a reader you quickly realize what really matters in marketing. The author avoids the “buzzword bingo” that is so popular among us marketing experts and describes the topics in a colloquial and easy-to-read style that everyone understands.

From a professional point of view, there is nothing to complain about with Marketing mit Plan. The book is up-to-date with the latest knowledge and presents proven strategies. The steps recommended by Sebastian Lugert are all practice-oriented and give companies the tools they need to take the marketing of their operations into their own hands. The book also dispels common misconceptions about marketing and shows that successful marketing is not rocket science, but rather the sum of good planning and strategic execution.

The book also offers one or two exciting insights for advanced readers. Although the author deliberately does not go into great depth on some topics so as not to overwhelm beginners.

A workbook is also provided to complement the book. This provides useful templates and checklists that can be helpful in developing your own concept.


The book is ideal for all entrepreneurs who have not had much contact with marketing their company or are still at the beginning of their entrepreneurial career. For these people, “Marketing with a Plan” provides a well-structured practical guide with detailed step-by-step instructions on how to build their marketing concept.

When reading the book, you can feel that the author is on fire for marketing and really wants to support his readers with his many years of experience.
Therefore, I give the book a clear buy recommendation for all who still want to build up their marketing knowledge or want to do more marketing in their company in the future. You can buy Marketing with a Plan on Amazon or get more information on the book’s website.