5 reasons why you should found a startup in Vienna Stefan Zangerle 11. January 2022

5 reasons why you should found a startup in Vienna

5 reasons why you should found a startup in Vienna
5 reasons why you should found a startup in Vienna

If you want to set up a company in Austria, Vienna counts as the startup hub par excellence. More than half of the young companies put their roots in Austria Capital city. But what makes the location in Austria so popular? In this In this article we show 5 reasons why you should found a startup in Vienna.

# 1 Events & Networking

The federal capital is the venue for many professional events Meet-ups, networking events and pitching contests. There are almost every day exciting events (almost all of which are free) that you can visit in Vienna and where you can easily network as a founder. This can be done quickly contact with potential investors or employees can be established, which can give the startup a real boost.

# 2 community

Vienna offers founders a well-networked community of around 350 startups, thousands of entrepreneurs, many investors and important sparring partners. Like-minded people can settle in numerous co-working spaces, you can Exchange quickly and innovative hotspots develop. . Man supports each other, pushes each other, stands by and motivates each other. Through This local cooperation benefits both the founders and the startups.

# 3 location & infrastructure

The Danube metropolis has long been considered due to its location important gateway to the Eastern and Central European markets. Numerous Corporations have their headquarters here, the city has already been called several times most liveable city in the world and offers an excellent Life quality.

Vienna offers a good infrastructure for startups
Vienna offers a good infrastructure for startups

The well-developed public transport network enables fast Paths at a low price and the first-class power and internet supply withstands every challenge. These are ideal for startups Requirements for rapid growth and expansion into other markets.

# 4 funding landscape

Anyone who has scoured the funding jungle for the first time quickly realizes that Vienna offers an attractive funding landscape for business start-ups. The FFG , the AWS and the Vienna Business Agency offer many different programs to support startups. The spectrum ranges from non-repayable grants to bank guarantees and low-cost loans. It is therefore advisable to get an overview of the individual programs and to apply for relevant funding.

# 5 talents

Vienna is the largest university city in the German-speaking area and has a large pool of talent and future students with 150,000 students Skilled workers. Startups are becoming increasingly popular as employers and highly qualified graduates of technical or economic Universities are increasingly deciding against the classic corporate career. Startups can therefore fight the “war of Talents ”for themselves and in Vienna compared to other federal states find qualified employees easier.


The location is centrally located in Europe and offers the best Requirements for rapid growth. There are many sponsorships that support that Support companies especially at the beginning and through a good networked community and numerous events find young entrepreneurs quickly Foot in the startup ecosystem of Vienna. All of this clearly makes Vienna Austria’s Hotspot for founding startups.

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